Immerse your child in music



As you pregnancy progresses your baby begins to respond to sounds in the womb. Why not give you and your baby the greatest gift, a gift that lasts a lifetime, the ability to access increase cognitive pathways in the brain through the joyful act of hearing and responding to sounds and vibrations.

Music opens up neural pathways in your babies’ brain that may not have been easily accessed if it was not for their exposure to Music learning.

Develop confidence in your voice through learning to sing songs in a relaxing and encouraging environment with other parents to be. Experience stimulating sounds and songs that you can connect with and your child and that you and your child can continue to experience as they grow. Learn how to create songs that can become a part of your everyday routine and bring Music into your life on a daily basis through singing, moving and playing.

Newborns and Babies

6 Weeks to 18 months

Our Newborns and Babies classes are delivered in a comforting and gentle environment where your child is encouraged to explore sound and the bond between you and your child is enhanced. Your child is immersed in songs that make everyday routines at home a little easier. They move to music and experiment with their voices while exploring baby friendly instruments and sensory objects that help them connect with the song.


·      Exploring new sounds and communicating socially with others through sensory play

·      Responding to the parent and teachers vocal play

·      Playing baby-safe instruments that connect the child with the music

·      Listening to musical stories and experiencing songs, chants and rhymes

·      Connecting to the musical beat, rhythm and pitch of known and new songs

Young Toddlers- Dancing Owl final-02.png


18 months to 3.5 years

In our Toddlers class your child is encouraged to explore their environment and express themselves through sound and movement. Your child develops their language skills through involvement in songs, chants and rhymes. They learn simple, specifically composed songs that can assist in establishing routines in your home.


  • Discovering the musical elements through instrument play with chime bars, drums, bells, shakers and wooden percussion

  • Dancing and playing music games with sensory objects that enhance the fun of music play

  • An introduction to high/low, fast/slow, loud/soft

  • Singing simple songs that allow for retention through repetition and clear structure

  • Immersion in music sign language to assist in hearing pitch and writing music

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3.5 years to 5.5 years

In our Pre-school class your child responds to their natural musical instincts. They engage in imaginative play through song and dance. Musical instruments support their understanding of the musical elements and they begin to express their ideas for music composition. They develop confidence and independence in their motor skills and their social and emotional well-being is supported through songs and games that encourage social interaction.


  • Discovering new musical sounds through playing instruments made of different materials: xylophones, chime bars, drums, bells, shakers and wooden percussion

  • Experimenting with sound through non-conventional sound sources sensory objects

  • Establishing team skills in ensemble playing. Learning music structure and how to play the parts of a song

  • Reflecting and expressing the musical elements found in orchestral with movements using scarves, elastics and large material.

  • Developing music reading skills with graphic notation symbols, sign language and pictures as a precursor to learning traditional music notation

Pre-schoolers- Owl with Xylophone.png

LOWER primary school

5 years to 9 years

In Lower Primary the skills they use in music support their overall development at school. They develop their literacy skills through singing, chanting and rhyming. Problem solving and analytical skills are supported through reading graphic music and traditional notation. Involvement in performance and composition gives your child the opportunity to express themselves and music games and stories spark their imagination.


  • Learning how to play the Xylophone in both major and minor keys

  • Identifying and understanding duration, pitch, structure, dynamics and tone colours in live and recorded music

  • Experimenting with different sounds and reflecting on choices and opinions in the work of their own and others

  • Understanding the Elements of Music through listening and embodying sound in movement, gesture, imaginative play, games and visuals

  • Learning how to playing in an ensemble and understanding why sounds are used in particular ways

School Age- Graduation Owl.png

UPPER primary school

9 years to 12 years

In Upper Primary your child learns how to read, write and communicate using specific music terminology. The skills they use in music assist in their learning specifically in English and Mathematics where they are required to think independently and imaginatively, decode, analyse and problem solve. Involvement in composition offers your child the opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions in sound, action and traditional music notation. They further establish their sight singing skills and can use the solfege sounds to sing at pitch and identify beat and rhythms in their own songs and that of others. 


  • Learning how to play and write in major and minor keys using traditional music notation

  • Identifying and analysing the Elements of Music: pitch, duration, structure, dynamics, tone colour

  • Composing their own works with the instrument of their choice

  • Further developing part-work in ensemble practices

  • Performance of own works and works of others


At Your Early learning centre

 Customised Programs offered to Early Learning Centres. A program that is consistent with the Early Years Learning Framework and is designed to meet your centre’s individual age groups. 

Your ELC Program is developed using the above Musical Mind’s age group programs to meet your centres needs. The Musical Mind comes to your ELC and provides all the necessary resources.

Enquire about a free trial lesson at your ELC today!


Having a birthday party or another event that you want to book a fun and educational activity for? The Musical Mind will work with you to create a session that your child and their friends will love!

Have a theme for your party? Our Music songs and games can be tailored to your theme. Let’s sing, play and move and make your child’s day one to remember.