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Experience the joy of music making with your child

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Small group music classes for children and parents that increase the bond with your child and develop your child’s cognitive skills through singing, playing and moving.

The Musical Mind aims to advance your child’s development through exploring and experiencing music. What better way is there to increase your children’s intelligence through the joyful experience of learning music in a nurturing and educational environment.

Having created and directed music programs for young children in some of the leading schools in Sydney, Tanya has experienced firsthand how music can be used to support excellence in other subjects. Research into neuroscience and music shows that through learning music, new neural pathways are developed and strengthened. There is no other academic subject that has this effect!


“My daughter absolutely loved her sessions with The Musical Mind! It introduced her to themes and concepts that I don’t think she would have been exposed to until she reached school. I believe it helped her listening and sharing skills, as well as her ability to follow instructions. Tanya was always so warm and nurturing with her students.”

Rachel (Mother from Newborns & Babies - age 6 months)

“Our 10 month old loves to dance and make lots of noise, even though we aren’t very musical parents. But after each music class with Tanya we had wonderful little songs to sing and had a lot of fun making music with simple, creative instruments. Tanya is a natural with kids and wonderful at making sure the class is age appropriate and inclusive. Tanya is destined to be a presenter on Play School!”

Amanda Adams (Finn’s mother- age 10 months)

“Our Daughter loved her time at The Musical Mind with Tanya and the other kids. Over the weeks, we started to see her facial expressions change as she began to recognise the sounds and songs being played. My wife and I have also begun using some of the songs at home which has made bath times and meals more enjoyable for us all.”

Daniel and Kasey (Father and Mother from Newborns & Babies - age 3 months)

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Meet Tanya

Tanya is a registered teacher with the Victorian Institute of Teaching. She has over 10 years’ experience teaching and directing music programs in schools across Victoria, London and New South Wales. Tanya’s passion is to show parents how they can create an everlasting bond between themselves and their child through the joy of music.
Tanya takes this experience and enhances the benefits by bringing music into everyday activities and using the songs as a tool for developing routines and good habits as a child grows. She believes that any topic can be transformed into song.

“My mother said I loved being sung to as a baby and a young child. She didn't think her voice was wonderful, but she could see the positive affect her voice was having on me.” – Tanya –

Tanya uses the Solfege music system and Curwen hand signing as a visual tool for teaching your child music. Her aim is for you and your child to bring music into your home and for music to be as natural as having a conversation.

“In a child’s life it is often the music teacher who will be remembered above all others once the child has left school. Music teachers have the potential to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, sparking imaginations at every turn. You never know when this happens with a child, which makes every lesson special, no matter how hard it may seem at the time. Music teachers are the salt of the earth.” - Richard Gill OAM

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